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Welcome to BioDiesel Michigan


What is BioDiesel ???                note: all blue items are links

BioDiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oil feedstock (typically new soybean oil or waste restaurant grease).  BioDiesel can be used directly in any diesel engine WITHOUT MODIFICATION.  BioDiesel can be used straight or blended in any percentage with petroleum diesel.  Typical blends are B2 (or 2% biodiesel) as a lubricity additive, and B20 (20% biodiesel).  BioDiesel is produced by adding an alcohol (such as methanol) with a catalyst (such as NaOH) to the oil.  This process called transesterification will split off the glycerin molecule from the triglyceride.  The free fatty acid chain then bonds with the alcohol to form biodiesel (or a methyl ester). 


Interested in Buying Biodiesel or Starting a SE Michigan Cooperative??

Please email your name and contact information to be added to a list of potential biodiesel users.  The author of this site is campaigning for retail stations to carry B20, and a list of potential buyers will be invaluable.  A business plan for a Detroit Metro cooperative is also in the works. 

Show your interest, Please!!  click here to email; please include full name & town of residence


Click here for a business and technology model for a small scale biodiesel production facility (3.4mb PDF file, 82 pgs)     click here for the executive summary


Also look at Business Management for Biodiesel Producers, Iowa State University & NREL (2004)


Don't Drive Diesel?  Convert Your Existing Gas Vehicle to a Hybrid

Click here for an article detailing on how to convert your existing vehicle to a hybrid and save from 5 to 40% on your gasoline fuel costs.


Why use BioDiesel ???

BioDiesel is a clean burning, renewable energy source which is grown right here in the good old US of A.  Along with ethanol and other biomass fuels, biodiesel may significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports.  Bio-fuels are part of a closed-loop carbon cycle that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions which are presently warming our Earth. 

Click here for an illustration.


Biodiesel burns much cleaner than petro-diesel, is biodegradable, non-toxic, and is great for your diesel engine.  Newly regulated low-sulfur diesel fuel has significantly less lubricity than old diesel, but a mere 2% of biodiesel adds back this needed lubricity, and then some!


Green Berets Prefer Biodiesel by Wired News, Sept 28, 2005

When Erwin Rommel's Panzer tanks ran out of diesel fuel in North Africa in World War II, the German general poured cooking oil into their gas tanks to keep the vehicles fighting.... click here


Michigan House Bill  4235 (2005) would mandate 2% BioDiesel Statewide

Representative Neal Nitz has introduced a bill to the Michigan State House in which nearly all of the diesel fuel sold in the state of Michigan beginning in 2007 would require 2% biodiesel.

click here for info on HB 4235


Minnesota Law Requires 2% Biodiesel Statewide - Audio story on NPR

(note: the high lubricity of biodiesel is wonderful for diesel engines)


Listen to Mike Pelly, owner of Olympia Green Fuels on NPR, Mike uses bio-diesel fuel to power his two cars. He makes the mixture from used vegetable oil discarded by Chinese restaurants and fast-food joints. Pelly tells NPR Morning Addition how it works.

 Olympia Green Fuels Website  or  click here for the Pelly "Model A" processor


Check this out !!!   History Channel Video Clip

Modern Marvels series discusses George Washington Carver and Henry Ford's contribution to the science of peanuts, soybeans, and biodiesel.


School Districts are Using BioDiesel

St. John's schools found that reduced oil changes from biodiesel was a NET cost savings (including the higher cost of B20 biodiesel fuel at the time).     Read this article  in PDF


From fryer to fuel tank: UM students use waste grease

University of Michigan engineering students demonstrated that junk food does have a good side? 


Make Your Own BioDiesel        (try this cool Tutorial)

Click here to learn how wasted vegetable oil can be transformed into a clean, renewable fuel to be used in any diesel engine.  All modern diesels can used biodiesel directly with no modifications and similar operation & performance to dinosaur diesel.


BioDiesel, VW, and Diesel Forums


Find BioDiesel Nationwide?

   NREL Alternative fuels locater


Find Biodiesel in Michigan?

  • West Michigan Biodiesel

, Grant, MI (north of Grand Rapids)



Find BioDiesel in SE Michigan?

  • BP station, Walz, MI on Will Carlton just east of I-275, B20


  • Meijer Gas Stations, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, B20

  • BP station, Bay City, MI at intersection of Euclid & S Huron Rd

  • RKA Petroleum, Romulus, MI

  • Atlas Oil, Taylor, MI  (distributor & wholesaler)

  • GE Wacker, Manchester, MI  B20, B99 & other (also wholesale)

  • Karbowski Oil, Bay City, MI (distributor & wholesaler)









Email Web Page Author: Jim Leidel, Energy Manager, Oakland Univ.


My best mileage on my TDI so far was 46.5 MPG for my 50 mile commute from Brownstown Township south of town to Oakland University in Rochester. It usually ranges from 38 to 42 MPG.  This morning, in Oct 2005, it was cool, and I took Telegraph Rd north, hitting all the stoplights, averaging about 45 MPH for the trip.

Retail pump: BP station on

Will Carlton Rd exit of I-275

just west of Flat Rock


Web site author's biodiesel fueled Turbo Diesel

with 250 ft-lbs of torque

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